‘Is that like some sort of weird hamburglar laundry droid?’

‘Goosing moths is like goosing butterflies, but you do it at night.’

‘In the future, you get immediate answers to your hypothetical questions.’

‘All of these bombs have penguin detectors in them.’

‘I love a man with connections in the industrial pudding business.’

‘I’ve always wanted a friend that was part swimming pool.’

‘I’m fairly sure the toucan-Krugerrand ratio hovers pretty close to one-to-one.’

‘At this point you’re afraid of slippery wolves, if anything.’

‘Well, I don’t think she had superpowers, she was just wearing sequins.’

‘I am the Les Nessman of Middle Earth.’

‘Duck bombs don’t intimidate carnivorous deer.’

‘Pillows never plead their own case.’

‘Nothing says flavor like conforming to the shapes of something else.’

‘The more puppets you use to describe beer yeast, the more I pay attention.’