‘My llama’s name is Juan and he doesn’t smoke.’

‘You’re the one who wanted the new hybrid technology; so we got a chicken-powered refrigerator!’

‘I hate things that are not consistent.’ – ‘Me neither.’

‘You don’t want tacos in your sound hole.’

‘A wizard never butters himself. He only butters precisely what he means to.’

‘I think a baconated beverage would just end up being hot ham water.’

‘It’s like listening to a potato chip from inside the bag!’

‘Starting to think toast is a self-replicating virus.’

‘If I was a ghost I would definitely comment on people’s towels.’

‘If you are doomed to die, you don’t get any cheese.’

‘Audioly… it’s like ravioli only you put it in your ear.’

‘I’ve heard of bathtub gin but never bathtub broccoli.’

‘I think the Higgs boson particles in the wireless router were getting a little red in the face.’