‘It just explains why they lost track of their pants when they went to the other side of Mars.’

‘Even brain surgery is easier when you’re a professional chef!’

‘Did you go to the JubJub School of Laying Down?’

‘This horned helmet just SCREAMS ‘skilled electrician’!’

‘T-Rex will never know the joy of putting olives on the end of his claws.’

‘Since the angels got out of the bathroom they’ve been very crunchy.’

‘Everything with you revolves around opposable thumbs.’

‘My call of the wild went to voice mail.’

‘Your office space is NOT Feng Shui if none of your pens have caps!’

‘Fish Licking is frowned upon, especially in New England.’

‘S’Moria – where the Dwarves toast marshmallows.’

‘Marble rye isn’t like celery in a tree!’

‘H.R. Stuff ‘N Junk is H.R. Puff ‘N Stuff’s bad boy cousin that hangs out with Oscar the Grouch.’

‘It’s not even 8am and you’ve already ruined teleportation for everyone.’

‘If they wanted us to use good grammar, they should have made it more easier.’

‘Can you really bake snow?’ – ‘You can if it’s made of marbles!’

‘I’m going to change my name to REDACTED.’

‘Are you ordering bacteria from the internet again?’

‘As long as they don’t hit me with the love fern, I’ll be alright.’

‘He’s not really an actor – he just plays one on tv!’